Sex, drugs and rock and roll done the Chicago way: Author Steve Silver at La Humita (Episode 204)

Author/raconteur Steve Silver recounts the scents, smells and happenstances that he experienced while being gatekeeper to Chicago’s most storied nightclubs and on the road with bands like Killing Joke and Naked Raygun.

We got our food from the wonderful people at La Humita (3466 N. Pulaski Rd.) and chatted about:

  • Working the door at the original Exit (on Wells Street) and Metro.
  • Steve wouldn’t let me into Exit when I was underage.
  • Steve’s book, “This Might Hurt a Bit,” which should include more math.
  • The empanadas from La Humita: AMAZING.
  • The edgy, dangerous original Exit on Wells.
  • The secret origin of local punks wearing Chicago cop coats.
  • The antics and misbehavior of GG Allin at Exit.
  • GG Allin’s prostate massage technique.
  • “Prostate massage” is big with the Facebook Live viewers.
  • How Steve’s rough childhood prepared him for his career.
  • The process of breaking in a leather jacket… it’s not pretty.
  • Campeche: An old pre-Metro institution.
  • The positive, life-affirming stories that counter all the sex, drugs and rock and roll craziness and stupidity Steve saw.
  • That time Brooke Shields showed up in a bikini…
  • Alice Cooper: Best albums?
  • “Frontier justice” and defending women who suffered physical abuse from their partners.

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