Drum giant Matt Walker (Sons of the Silent Age, Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, etc.) tells career stories outside Chicago Diner (Episode 205)

I’m joined this week by Matt Walker, one of modern rock’s most celebrated and accomplished drummers (Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, Filter, Cupcakes, Garbage, and more). Go see Matt kick ass behind the drum kit with Sons of the Silent Age at Metro on 1/12/19!

We met for vegetarian food from the fantastic Chicago Diner (3411 N. Halsted), a true Chicago institution (“Meat-free since ’83!”).


  • Chicago Diner is a great entry point for people curious about vegetarian and vegan food… and for the already-converted.
  • Chicago Diner’s “Soul Bowl” is fantastic. Matt had the Trio Burger Sliders (Buddha’s Karma Burger, Cajun Black Bean Black Bean Burger, and Titanic BLT).
  • The orange drinks we ordered that we loved (and I couldn’t remember the name of) were SPICED ORANGE: House-made orange syrup infused with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and pumpkin pie spice
  • Sons of the Silent Age: The phenomenal Bowie tribute band Matt’s a part of, along with other A-list musicians including vocalist Chris Connelly. Sons of the Silent Age plays a benefit at Metro on Saturday 1/12/19.
  • The Facebook Live recording is merely an amuse-bouche.
  • Chris Connelly didn’t need to rehearse the “SHUT UP” part of Bowie’s “It’s No Game.”
  • When Matt was asked to audition for… and join… Smashing Pumpkins, right out of the Filter “Short Bus” tour.
  • The Pumpkins’ matinee show at Metro. I was there and helped Tim Meadows from SNL get into the show.
  • The nickname James Iha gave Matt Walker that just stuck.
  • What are the drumming differences between Matt and Jimmy Chamberlin?
  • Matt’s time with Filter and current relationship with the members of the band.
  • The Chicago scene as Matt was coming up: “I loved that time… I played in a lot of different bands.”
  • Leaving the Pumpkins to go all-in with Cupcakes.
  • There’s a Cupcakes reunion brewing…
  • Is it a better environment for an up-and-coming artist these days?
  • The times Matt filled in for Butch Vig with Garbage (including “Bleed Like Me”).
  • The dark cloud that follows Matt Walker from A-list band to A-list band.
  • If Matt weren’t in a Bowie tribute band, he’d be in an Adam Ant tribute. Wind up the jukebox!
  • “Everyone loves Matt Walker.”

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