Remembering when the Chairman of AIWA USA punched me in the face: Joe Born on Taco Tuesday (Episode 160)


This week finds me interviewing AIWA USA Chairman Joe Born, a brilliant business leader, inventor and creative mind who I also happened to graduate high school with.

In this episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile, we shared a Taco Tuesday at El Carrito (6019 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60659) and talked about:

  • “We’ve known each other for literal decades.”
  • Joe’s 90s invention, “The Skip Doctor.”
  • The notion of entrepreneurship, from raising capital to commitment: This shit is hard.
  • The Foremost Liquors next to El Carrito and its involvement in our high school years.
  • My go-to? Old City Grocery on Devon Avenue.
  • Joe’s memory of me in high school? Accidentally punching me in the chin.
  • My memory of Joe in high school? A brooding, earnest intensity.
  • Why I missed the most recent gathering of old high school friends.
  • “Life as an entrepreneur is just not routine.”
  • Working in an office is accurately portrayed by “Dilbert.”
  • How did Joe come to take over AIWA? (When we were kids, the Born family didn’t run AIWA.)
  • Best Rush album? I steer Joe to his answer.
  • The magnificent AIWA Exos-9, and the importance of creating a real home stereo experience with a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Does AIWA have a birthday club?
  • Why does Spoon sound like Billy Joel?
  • Joe shares an AIWA product on the podcast, and a way to get in early on AIWA product development.
  • I make Joe repeat the high school punching story.
  • AIWA Labs: It’s not just dogs.


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Author: carconcarne