Hollywood calling: Author Emily Belden talks ‘Hot Mess’ and why the new book is perfect for TV (Episode 161)

Emily Belden, author of “Hot Mess,” jumps in the Madza 3 for a new episode/

We got tacos from El Potosi (Spanish for “The Potosi”) this week. Spoiler warning: Not so much. We also talked about:

  • El Potosi had some confusing items in the cooler, including not-for-sale Coronas and a sheet cake.
  • Emily’s new book, “Hot Mess”: About a Chicago woman who suddenly finds herself entangled with an up-and-coming, bad boy, chef… who maybe has a drug issue.
  • Chicago’s restaurant scene, specifically in the Randolph Street area, which plays a part in “Hot Mess.”
  • The locale of El Potosi couldn’t be further removed from the settings of “Hot Mess.”
  • Emily does the “basic white girl thing” when ordering tacos.
  • The Facebook Live video of this week’s recording had a variety of fascinating viewers, including punk legends Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun) and Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie/Three-time podcast guest), radio god Kevin Matthews and culinary kingpin Ben Randall (In the Weeds with Ben Randall).
  • RC is the cousin of Diet Rite, and Diet Rite is one step above Faygo.
  • Emily’s start as a blogger. No one blogs anymore.
  • Emily’s tenacity and perseverance, which led to her becoming a published author with “Eightysixed.”
  • How does Emily know when a book is “done?”
  • How much of Emily is reflected in the book?
  • Writing about addiction: “That’s not something you just wing.”
  • What’s an amuse-bouche?
  • Emily’s literary “voice.”
  • “Hot Mess” was not the first name for the book.
  • “Has Hollywood been sniffing around?” “… I think it’s going to be a TV series.”
  • Emily’s upcoming book, “Husband Material.” It’s not about animal husbandry.


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