Meat, beer, tattoos, skulls, rock and roll… and roller derby. The Chicago Outfit joins me at Chicago Culinary Kitchen (Episode 159)


This week takes Car Con Carne to Palatine for the exceptional-beyond-words, I swear I’m not exaggerating, amazing Chicago Culinary Kitchen (773 N. Quentin Road Palatine, IL

Chicago Culinary Kitchen owners Greg and Kristine Gaardbo take turns sitting shotgun (the car is a little tight). And joining me in the backseat are Destroya Montoya and Smashley Pumpkins, from Chicago roller derby league The Outfit (see the home opener on May 5!). Here’s what we covered in this episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile:

  • Call me… Maimy Schumer.
  • The menacing “El Jefe” sandwich (menacing *and* delicious).
  • I’m not tattooed because I’m hairy.
  • My growing beard (“chicks dig beards”).
  • Could Chicago Culinary Kitchen host roller derby? Maybe. In the parking lot.
  • What are the rules of roller derby? (“I think it’s kind of like WWF, on wheels.”)
  • The best steak I’ve ever had was consumed during the recording of this podcast: A 30-day dry-aged, 40 oz. Tomahawk steak (“The Big Hoss”). And yes… I ATE THE WHOLE DAMN THING.
  • The beauty of curbside steak service.
  • Steak is cooked to a perfect medium rare. Don’t even think about asking for it any other way.
  • How does “dry aging” work? And what’s “wet aging?”
  • Greg has the legs for a skirt and heels.
  • Preparation of the “steak alibi.”
  • Chicago Culinary Kitchen carries a stunning 130+ craft beers.
  • “I’m covered in blood and goodness.”
  • The birth of Chicago Culinary Kitchen, and how it ended up in a non-descript strip mall in Palatine.
  • The buzz behind the restaurant is totally legit.
  • “It smells very meaty in here.”
  • Kristina’s extensive, super-knowledgable, beer background.
  • “Every day is Professional Development Day.”
  • Kristina gets tempted to join the Outfit.
  • Shower beers are healing beers.


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Author: carconcarne