KrashKarma: Live performance and interview over Chicago deep dish pizza (Episode 152)

This week, it’s an in-car performance and interview with KrashKarma (Ralf Dietel-singer/guitarist, Niki Skistimas-drums/vocals)! In this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, we find ourselves at local favorite The Art of Pizza (3033 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60657).

Heard on this show:

  • The band plays their new song, “Stranded,” in the car. They also explain what it’s about.
  • I lured them into the car with candy.
  • Ralf is a German with a sense of humor (“They kicked me out”).
  • I thoughtfully rock out to the band.
  • The band performed in front of the School of Rock. Did they think they were watching the advanced class?
  • The proper way to eat a slice of deep dish pizza is discussed (“You need a really big mouth”).
  • KrashKarma insists on spicy food. They bring their own hot sauce on the road.
  • Ralf tells a hot sauce story that ends up exactly where I’d never have expected it to. Hint: It was a woman’s private area.
  • What kind of host feeds his guests out of a dog bowl?
  • “We can talk about flaming vaginas all day long.”
  • Does KrashKarma listen to showtunes?
  • Two of the best rock biographies are discussed.
  • KrashKarma history: A Krash course.
  • The songwriting give-and-take: Ralf might be more of a perfectionist.
  • The guitar is poised for a comeback in popular music.


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Author: carconcarne