‘Someone’s a Car Con ***hole’ – Talking punk rock with Daryl Wilson (Bollweevils) and Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie) (Episode 153)

It’s a Chicago punk rock summit as I’m joined by returning guests Daryl Wilson (The Bollweevils) and Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie) at Dante’s Pizza.

Here’s what we talk about this week:

  • Is Denis now tied for most-frequently appearing guest on the show?
  • “I have no agenda.”
  • Why in the hell did I say Blaze Pizza? It’s DANTE’S. And Dante’s is sooo much better.
  • I got the lion’s share of grease. That’s what you get for grabbing from the bottom of the bag. Daryl thinks the grease will be absorbed subcutaneously. He’s a doctor.
  • Purell hand sanitizer is the only thing I had on hand to solve the grease problem.
  • Dante’s slice of the day scared us.
  • A car almost hit us right at the onset of recording.
  • Jesus Jones gets more “airtime” than they have in 27 years.
  • Full confession: Daryl and I went back for “seconds” the last time we recorded together.
  • The 90s punk scene that birthed The Bollweevils and 88 Fingers Louie (Okay, technically Bollweevils started in ’89).
  • The return of Apocalypse Hoboken. I need to work on the liner notes for their album release.
  • “Punk rock is kind of self-destructive in a way… we’re all damaged.”
  • Denis could have been a fireman, if not for punk rock.
  • “To be clear, I’m going to be hosing off my hands.”
  • Not only does the podcast promise to get sexier as it progresses, but Daryl and Denis arrived on **** *** night!
  • “Let the dirt wash over you.”
  • Denis and Daryl’s board games of choice.
  • We’ve all been playing Monopoly wrong.
  • Denis and Daryl’s first concerts: “Can I include an opera?” “No.”
  • Kids going to concerts now vs. kids going in the 80s.
  • Cheap Trick’s setlist problem.
  • Daryl to Denis: “You don’t pick fights with people you can beat.”
  • Fugazi broke up a fight between Daryl and Denis.
  • There’s nothing more punk rock than a “Frasier” reference.
  • Favorite movies are discussed: Blues Brothers, Blazing Saddles, Big Trouble in Little China, Truth or Dare. Wait… Truth or Dare?
  • Why am I “dead” to Daryl, and what made Denis call me a “Car Con Asshole.”
  • A weird circus bike rode past the Boost Mobile Mazda 3. Damn hipsters.
  • “She Caught the Katy” is one of the best songs in Blues Brothers.
  • Favorite horror movies are discussed. “Alien” makes it to the top of the list.
  • RIP the Golf Mill Theater


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Author: carconcarne