Best of the Restaurateurs (Volume One) (Episode 154)

This week, we look back on memorable moments with restaurateurs who jumped in the Mazda 3.

On this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, you’ll hear highlights from:

  • The Budlong’s Jared Leonard, revealing the philandering, sordid history of “Nashville Hot” chicken
  • Manny’s Deli’s Dan Raskin, chatting about the presidential history of the restaurant
  • Honey Butter Fried Chicken’s Christine Cikowski, explaining the birth of honey butter fried chicken
  • Byron’s Mike Payne, on what makes a perfect hot dog
  • Kuma’s David Bacso, talking about the notorious “Ghost” burger
  • Real Urban Barbecue’s Jeff Shapiro, asking me about Skokie’s favorite menu item

I’m grateful for all the awesome restaurant owners who’ve jumped in the car. Please support these local businesses!


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Author: carconcarne