Whopperito night: ‘I want to talk to you about your medical condition, but I want to do that after we eat’ (Episode 77)

Burger King unveiled it’s Whopperito (a Whopper made like a burrito) on August 15th, and I decided to try it during BK’s launch week. Fast food’s never been a Car Con Carne “thing,” but sometimes I have to point the Mazda 3 in the direction of the zeitgeist.

Patrick Brower, co-owner of Challengers Comics and co-host of the excellent behind-the-scenes Yak Channel Network podcast “Contest of Challengers,” jumped in the front seat to try the Whopperito with me.

Patrick’s an old friend and a great conversationalist. Over Whopperitos, we cover:

*Patrick’s kidney stone. He’s been waiting for weeks to pass it. We cover every aspect of the diagnosis and subsequent medical concerns and initiatives, including straining pee (like panning for gold), pain meds and the discomfort of getting an ultrasound. It’s a fascinating (and funny) discussion; though perhaps inappropriate for dinner conversation.
*Who has the best fast food fries (it’s not Burger King)
*The nuances of the Whopperito: Donde esta el queso?
*We miss Mike Bratton, who in part inspired the Whopperito trip
*More Whopperito: “As we’re getting deeper, it’s getting messier”
*The thing I’m doing for the first time in my life that has me excited
*The absolute worst wrestler on WWE RAW
*Starting “Contest of Challengers” as a brand extension eight years ago
*The decision behind sharing all the behind-the-scenes aspects of owning and running a retail store
*The horrible discovery I made while watching the Car Con Carne TV pilot
*DC Comics’ “Rebirth” and its sales impact on Challengers
*The lingerie problem in the “Killing Joke” animated movie
*”Little people” and Hornswaggle
*The “slam dunks” the next Spider-Man movie needs to include
*Patrick accepts the blame for the episode’s length

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