‘This band literally runs on Taqueria Moran, High Life and the occasional bottle of Jameson’ – Pop-punkers Sleep On It (Episode 78)

Chicago pop-punk band (and newly-signed Equal Vision recording artist) Sleep On It meets me for tacos and horchata at their favorite hangout, Taqueria Moran (2226 N California Ave).

Zech Pluister (lead vocals) and TJ Horansky (guitar/vocals) talk about why they’re “basically the Al Capone of pop punk in Chicago.” They also discuss:

*How salsa verde “gives our band life”
*The “diaper” strategy of taco-eating
*Their new record deal with Equal Vision: How they got it, and what’s coming next
*The joy of making videos
*Their friend Shayna, who happened to be walking down the street as we were recording. She says “hi” in the middle of the show.
*Why TJ may soon be roaming the halls at Proviso East
*Their excellent song “Burning At Both Ends”
*Their territorial ruling over two blocks of Logan Square. The thing is, they can never venture beyond those two blocks. It’s kinda like the Lion King.
*Their Riot Fest after-show on 9/17 at Township

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Author: carconcarne