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Alternative music pioneers FISHBONE return to Chicago on 9/3/22 (Episode 758)

As music fans, our relationship with Fishbone has outlasted most of our personal and in some cases, familial relationships. From that first EP in 1985 through countless, life affirming, get up and move live shows, including some amazing album plays…

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‘There’s not a moment in my life that I’m not living with this’ – Lucky Boys Confusion’s Stubhy on MS (Episode 291)

Kaustubh “Stubhy” Pandav (Lucky Boys Confusion) and Brad Chagdes (Hoodie Life) join Car Con Carne this week to discuss Stubhy’s recent MS diagnosis and the upcoming benefit event, “MS SUCKS.” (Side note: I’m emceeing the event!) Thanks to our friends…

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First, the horror. Then, the live performance: The Burst and Bloom at House of Torment (Episode 190)

A live performance from The Burst and Bloom follows a horrifying run through the House of Torment haunted house.