Olympic gold medalist/activist/author/legend Greg Louganis (Episode 557)

This episode is another collaboration with the Brent Sopel Foundation series, “You Are Not Alone.” To see the full interview, please visit the Brent Sopel Foundation website or Facebook page.

Our guest this week is, quite simply, the best diver in the history of the sport; he’s won four gold medals and one silver medal in the Olympic games… and he has plenty of medals and honors beyond that. In his personal life, he came out as HIV positive in the late 80s and has done lots of substantive work as a gay rights and HIV awareness advocate. He’s written books. He’s been the subject of his own 30 for 30 short on ESPN, “Thicker Than Water.” He’s appeared in TV shows like Portlandia and Entourage.

He’s a legend, icon and inspiration. Our guest this week: Greg Louganis.

Author: carconcarne