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Olympic gold medalist/activist/author/legend Greg Louganis (Episode 557)

This episode is another collaboration with the Brent Sopel Foundation series, “You Are Not Alone.” To see the full interview, please visit the Brent Sopel Foundation website or Facebook page. Our guest this week is, quite simply, the best diver…

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Hockey star Brent Sopel dedicates post-NHL career to helping kids struggling with dyslexia (Episode 428)

Ex-Blackhawk Brent Sopel’s been through hell and has dedicated his post-hockey career to helping people who are struggling with dyslexia. We had a brutally honest chat tonight about his struggles and issues from childhood on up, and my hope is…

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‘I don’t want another kid to feel the way I do’ – Stanley Cup winner and dyslexia-awareness crusader Brent Sopel (Episode 197)

Ex-Blackhawk talks about winning the cup and the profound personal struggles he’s wrestled with