Kansas lead singer Ronnie Platt talks band history and ‘The Absence of Presence’ (Episode 410)

Podcast of Know Return: Kansas lead singer Ronnie Platt jumps on Car Con Carne on the eve of Kansas’s 16th album, “The Absence of Presence.” We talk about:

  • Joining the band six years ago
  • His first studio album with the band, “The Prelude Implicit,” and the pressure built into it
  • The new album, “The Absence of Presence”
  • Considering the band’s long legacy
  • When did Ronnie first hear Kansas?
  • Ronnie’s audition with Foreigner in the early 00s
  • Ronnie’s time with Shooting Star
  • What does Ronnie like about Chicago?
  • That time Ronnie sang the National Anthem at Wrigley Field…


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Author: carconcarne