Greetings from the ‘swingers capital of the midwest’: Hear the Darling Suns play live! (Episode 247)

Chicago indie band the Darling Suns (Robert, Lindsey, John and Charlie) joined the show this week for for a live performance of their fantastic song “Raspberry Homecoming” (from “Midnight Feelings”) and hot dogs from Johnny’s Red Hot Hots in Naperville. Discussed this week:

  • Is Naperville the “swingers capital of the midwest?”
  • I didn’t have a beard when I started my commute to Naperville.
  • The band abandoned me, forcing me to monologue. That said, I needed the opportunity to plug upcoming guests (Riot Fest, Isaiah Sharkey, Engines, Sincere Engineer, etc.).
  • The new album, “Midnight Feelings.” We go deep in our discussion, but the top line info is that it’s great.
  • Darling Suns deliver familiar sounds, but put together in new and interesting ways.

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