‘Waiting for that career-ending F-bomb’: Catching up with Tony from MEST at 350 Fest (Episode 179)

In this episode, I sit down with Tony Lovato of Mest in the parking lot of this year’s 350 Fest in Tinley Park.

Discussed in this episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile:

  • Looking back, what would Tony have done differently about Mest’s major label run?
  • Why an influential radio station wanted the band to change its name.
  • The band’s initial break-up, announced on MySpace.
  • The band’s return at Riot Fest, a few years ago.
  • Is that tea in Tony’s cup? It would have to be. We’re in a car.
  • 350 Fest is the first place where you can get a rug burn in a circle pit.
  • Tony’s a “fucking gambler.”
  • The claustrophobic attractions of the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • I had a “radio flashback” listening to Tony talk.
  • This is a rare Car Con Carne episode that is sans food.


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Author: carconcarne