Tom Higgenson of Plain White Ts: From Villa Park to the Grammys and Tonys (Episode 177)

Tom Higgenson of Plain White Ts joined me for a long overdue catchup. And for this episode, we went for burritos at Los Burritos #2 in his old stomping grounds of Villa Park.


We talked at length about the band’s excellent new release, “Parallel Universe,” as well as:

  • Villa Park is like primordial soup.
  • How important are the ties back to Chicago as the band continues to take over the world? “I’m such a suburban kid… always have been.”
  • “Parallel Universe,” and the experimentation the band did with the songs for the album.
  • Is Tom a “romantic” at heart? (“I used to be ‘all in’… “)
  • Tom snuck a peak at the interview notes, and was given an unfair advantage.
  • The hints of darkness that weave their way through PWTs music.
  • My favorite song on the new album: “Top of the World”
  • “Bonnie I Want You”: It’s not about a hooker (much to my surprise).
  • The band’s commitment to video-making (and their incredible success with it).
  • The video for “1, 2, 3, 4” and its coming-together of romantic spirit, Chicago scenery and DIY approach.
  • The much-rumored TV show based on the Grammy-nominated super huge megahit “Hey There Delilah” (“We’ve got this story arc… we’ve got this idea”).
  • The whirlwind that engulfed the band when “Hey There Delilah” took off.
  • The band’s performance on “iCarly” and the relative awesomeness of that show compared to other tween shows on Nick and Disney.
  • The band’s early days in the suburbs: Truly the “good old days.”
  • Tom’s nomination for a Tony Award (“BFF” from Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical).
  • The evolution of Plain White Ts: “It’s been a weird one.”


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Author: carconcarne