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Safety, accessibility and unity: Building the Humanity is the Genre Festival (Episode 654)

Guitars Over Guns. Sounds great to me. The Humanity is the Genre Festival is happening 9/25, from 12-6:00 p.m. in the courtyard of the historic landmark Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church in Bronzeville. Joining me for this episode DJ Lady…

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Public domain songs updated for the 21st century: PlaybackPlayfwd (Episode 485)

If you wanna look forward in music, sometimes it’s important to look back. PlaybackPlayfwd is a newly-released comp from students and alumni of Columbia College that presents updated public domain classics for the 21st century. All proceeds go to MusiCares,…

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From living out of a Jeep to a role on Showtime’s ‘The Chi’: Actor Mickey O’Sullivan (Episode 149)

Chicago actor Mickey O’Sullivan jumps in the car for diner food from his favorite place, The Golden Apple (2971 N. Lincoln). I was lucky to steal time with Mickey, he’s super busy these days playing “Chef Dan” on “The Chi” on Showtime….

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Columbia College alum crushes it at Riot Fest (Live at Riot Fest)

By the time you hear this episode, Jessica Hernandez may already be an international superstar. It sure feels like it’s going to happen soon. The Detroit star turned heads and won fans in her Riot Fest set (Jessica Hernandez and…