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Smoking Popes’ Josh Caterer at Chicago Culinary Kitchen (Episode 845)

Old friend/returning hero Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes) joins me for a heart-stopping volume of delicious food from Chicago Culinary Kitchen (2391 N Hicks Rd Palatine, IL 60074). When Josh and I rave about the food in the episode, please know…

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Ribfest Chicago preview at BBQ King with guest Eric Kristensen of 101 WKQX (Episode 231)

We wore our fat pants for the recording. No regrets.

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Sweating out ‘hot chicken’ with the Budlong’s Jared Leonard (Episode 48)

“Someone’s going to walk by and think we’re having a fight, like Jared said something that hurt my feelings. I’m bawling in here.” What is ‘Nashville Hot’ chicken? In simplest terms, it’s fried chicken with a level of cayenne spiciness…

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Bomb scares, highbrow content and Phil Collins: Lillie’s Q with co-host “Hot Doug” Sohn (Episode 36)

“Hot Doug” (Doug Sohn) sits shotgun for a trip to Wicker Park. James talks about a bomb scare he lived through in Rosemont. And James and Doug go back and forth about music, from Phil Collins to Sonic Youth. Was…