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Buy this guest’s stuff: Mickey O’Sullivan on Showtime’s ‘The Chi’

I’m recording with Chicago actor Mickey O’Sullivan later this week. He plays “Chef Dan” on the compelling and buzzworthy new Showtime series “The Chi.” Check him out in the pilot (click the image below), and binge from there!

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Buy this guest’s stuff: Natalie Slater’s ‘Bake and Destroy’

Natalie Slater talked vegan food, wrestling and entrepreneurship on this episode. Check out her cookbook, available on Kindle (click the image below)!    

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Buy this guest’s stuff: Turnspit’s album debut

Turnspit jumped in the Mazda 3 last June and did a bring-the-car-down live version of “Walk Away.” The band just released their full-length debut (“Desire Paths”) last week; click the album cover below to check out (and buy) the studio…