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Beer made by nerds for nerds: Empirical Brewery with Eric Oren (Episode 422)

You deserve a beer. You’ve earned it. On that note, why not make it a New Style Community Lager from Empirical? Eric Oren of the “nerd brewery” joins me tonight to talk about Empirical’s new charitable initiative and the craft…

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Buckledown Brewing in Lyons (Episode 386)

A midwestern work ethic and love for home brewing evolved into the spectacular Buckledown Brewing in Lyons. Head Brewer Ike joins me tonight for #quarantineconcarne! Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services.

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Passion for beer turned into a business: The history of Spiteful Brewing (Episode 383)

We’re hitting the north side tonight for a chat with Jason from Spiteful Brewing. We chat about the brewery’s history, managing through the pandemic, the support of the community and beers! Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services.

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The need for diversity and inclusion in the craft beer business: Haymarket Brewing (Episode 382)

As we continue our focus on local breweries, tonight we’re talking with Haymarket. For this conversation, I’m joined by Haymarket’s Director of Fermentation, Pete Crowley, and Director of Operations, Mike Gemma. Joining me for an important conversation about diversity in…

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‘Righteously good’ conversation with Jace Rhea of Church Street Brewing (Episode 381)

Car Con Carne supports local independent breweries! Joining me tonight is Jace Rhea of @churchstbrew. “Righteously good beer” deserves a righteously good podcast episode! Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services

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Metal Monkey Brewing (Beer Week) – Episode 379

Beer Week begins tonight with Metal Monkey Brewing (515 Anderson in Romeoville)! Dan Camp (Simian Overlord) joins me to talk about his beer and his business. #quarantineconcarne Car Con Carne is sponsored by C&H Financial Services

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Lagunitas Tap Room and the art curation of Chris Pienta (Episode 313)

Lagunitas Tap Room is an oasis. It’s an adult wonderland. And if you haven’t been there, you must make plans to spend a night there. It’s super easy to get to (roughly 10 minutes south of 290 on California), with…

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Mest: Growing up and moving forward (Episode 302)

Mest is back!

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Katie Cole talks music, touring and Smashing Pumpkins while eating Haymarket tater tots (Episode 222)

Singer/songwriter and Smashing Pumpkins keyboardist Katie Cole met me at the wonderful Haymarket Pub & Brewery (737 W. Randolph, Chicago) for food and conversation. Katie was in town to play Haymarket the following night, and you’ll hear us plug the…

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Three bands. Two Brothers Roundhouse. One podcast. (Episode 215)

Three different artists perform live in the car after talking and eating off the fantastic menu at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora!