Triple Fast Action celebrates ‘Michael Jordan anniversary’ of ‘Cattlemen Don’t’ (Episode 489)

If there was a Chicago music yearbook for the 90s, Triple Fast Action would have been voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” They had the songs… the talent… the rock swagger. Everything. Alas, there are no sure things in music. Their time on major record label, Capitol, was brief and largely uncelebrated. For their second album, they went totally independent and created the album that Triple Fast fans acknowledge as the better of the two, “Cattlemen Don’t.” It’s a portrait of a band in peak form. And it’s seeing a proper vinyl release… the reissue’s coming out in January.

To look back, and look forward, I had Triple Fast Action drummer and super accomplished musician and music industry friend Brian St. Clair and Triple Fast manager Dave Frey on tonight’s podcast.

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