Getting shamrocked outside Dante’s Tavern: Live music from The Avondale Ramblers (Episode 312)

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! 3/5 of Avondale Ramblers (Hugh, Andy and Dave) jump in the car to play TWO songs (Out on the Lash, One for the Ditch). This week, we’re enjoying kickass slices from Dante’s Tavern (2759 W. Augusta). I had one of the evening’s two vegan specials (pineapple, banana pepper & jalapeno); it was ridiculously good. Also: 25% off vegan food on Monday nights at Dante’s!


  • Out On the Lash is about a pub crawl in Dublin.
  • One for the Ditch is about that last drink you know you shouldn’t have.
  • The secret origin of the Avondale Ramblers!
  • The cell phone’s a curse… turn off the ringtone!
  • With the coronavirus floating around, why not have one for the ditch?
  • Hugh’s move to Chicago from Dublin in the early 90s.
  • Sláinte!

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