One-woman industrial army I Ya Toyah at Gale Street Inn (Episode 306)

Ania, the woman behind Chicago industrial project I Ya Toyah, joins me for food at the iconic Northwest Chicago restaurant Gale Street Inn (4914 N. Milwaukee Avenue). We did Gale Street Inn up right, sampling their amazing ribs, crab cakes and spicy chicken tomatillo soup. Discussed this week:

  • The timelessness of Gale Street Inn.
  • The meaning behind “I Ya Toyah.”
  • Ania has no safety net on stage.
  • Everything we ate was amazing, but my favorite was the spicy chicken tomatillo soup. I could drink that like lemonade every day of the week.
  • Gale Street Inn mainstay Lorenzo jumped into the backseat to join in the conversation.
  • I only eat in my car now.
  • Lorenzo gives us some Gale Street Inn history.
  • “Nothing says romance like a big rack of ribs.”
  • Ania has the thickest Chicago accent you’ll ever hear. Not.
  • I Ya Toyah’s recent dates with Pigface.
  • Are we on the cusp of a new industrial revolution?
  • The ribs fell right off the bone… onto my lap!
  • Ania moved to Chicago from Poland. Is she sticking around?
  • Ania’s delightful dog, Benek, who’s all over social media.
  • I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.
  • The Code Blue Remix album comes out next month.
  • Ania’s writing songs that will be much darker than what we’ve heard to date.

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