‘You are destined to experience most things bewildered and alone’: ‘OddBox’ creator Steve Gadlin (Episode 288)

Entrepreneur Steve Gadlin (I Want to Draw a Cat for You, Raccoon Penis Bones, Two-Film t-shirt, OddBox) joins me this week for pierogi in Chicago’s Loop area. It’s been a bit… the last time Steve was on the show was EPISODE FIVE.

Discussed this week:

  • The all-new monthly subscription service OddBox (subscribe at oddboxthebox.com).
  • The things I would do in order to take a nap might surprise you.
  • The flu shot knocks you out.
  • The “Two film” t-shirt concept: An idea that was ahead of its time.
  • “I Want to Draw a Cat for You.”
  • “Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers.”
  • The strange story of selling raccoon penis bones.
  • OddBox is a bargain at any price.
  • OddBox is very “Gadlnian.”
  • Steve’s in the process of creating FOMO.
  • Want in on the first month of OddBox? Order by 11/21!

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