The enduring kickassness of Smoking Popes – Episode 284

Car Con Carne favorite (and theme song creator) Josh Caterer returns to the show after Smoking Popes delivered yet another phenomenal show, closing out the first annual T1 Fest at the Forge in Joliet.

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Discussed on the show:

  • Caterer brother/Smoking Pope Matt Caterer uses stage performance as his sole exercise regimen. #GOALS
  • My mistaken identity situation with Matt Caterer.
  • My ongoing mispronunciation of Popes drummer Mike Felumlee’s surname.
  • Why do people spoil setlists for themselves?
  • Dan Vapid crashed the podcast!
  • The art of mixing a setlist with old and new songs.
  • I wouldn’t blow smoke up Josh’s ass.
  • We recorded on the “good side” of Joliet.
  • The band’s live set was a little “loosey goosey” that night.
  • Josh was in Apocalypse Hoboken for a minute.
  • Secondhand smoke at the Forge damn near killed me.
  • Why on earth haven’t people been eating on Car Con Carne lately?
  • The next time I interview Josh, it’ll be in Lombard and it’ll be for breakfast.

Author: carconcarne