Local H: Chicago-made and Chicago-beloved (Episode 230)

This week, I’m joined by Scott Lucas of Local H for a great interview accompanied by food from Chicago institution Cubby Bear (where Local H headlined a sold-out show the night after this was recorded).

As I enjoyed my Cubby Bear brat and Scott enjoyed his veggie burger with garlic fries, we discussed:

  • Scott is “Mr. Lucas” now. Or “sir,” that works, too.
  • How does Scott approach a setlist for a Chicago audience?
  • The next album will be like a salad.
  • The video for “Innocents”: Is that where Local H is heading?
  • Michael Shannon talk.
  • Scott hates all super hero movies.
  • The best nap I ever had was during a “Star Wars” movie.
  • Local H only recently made it to Europe for their first time.
  • Scott comes to draw blood when he plays live.
  • The secret to Local H’s longevity and career.
  • The time this year when Scott scared the crap out of me.
  • The joys of going solo to the movies.
  • Scott’s love and respect for the Chicago scene.
  • Is rock dead?
  • Stud City, population: 2.
  • Congratulations to former Loop midday host Lyndsey Marie!
  • What was opening for the most recent Metallica tour like?
  • Where on earth is “Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles?”
  • Scott riffs on a bunch of Local H songs from the beginning through the present.
  • They joys of ABBA.
  • Not playing “Bound for the Floor” live: Dick move?
  • Ozzy or Dio Sabbath?
  • Crowdfunding: Would Scott do it again?
  • Is it worth sacrificing beer for Fresca?
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