That train overhead? It’s the ‘L.’ That amazing performance? It’s the return of the War on Peace. (Episode 221)

The War on Peace (Grahm, Steven and Jeremy) returns to Car Con Carne for another hard-to-believe-it-was-done-in-a-car performance! They previewed the new song “High School” from the forthcoming EP, “Mutual Destruction” and joined me for fabulous Tacos Al Pastor from Taqueria Moran.

See The War on Peace May 17h at Lincoln Hall! There may be balloon animals.

Discussed this week:

  • A return to thematic darkness for the band.
  • There’s a train overhead: “It’s called the ‘L’.”
  • I’m like the Carson of car-based food podcasts.
  • The video for “’97 Camry.”
  • Why isn’t the band putting out the new EP on vinyl?
  • My plans for releasing Car Con Carne on vinyl.
  • The PTSD I’m left with after doing radio-related stage announcements “back in the day.”
  • The Flaming Lips experience was the worst of all.
  • “The Handmaid’s Tale” should never be binge watched.
  • The TV show “The OA” has nothing to do with Green Lantern, and that’s why I’ve never watched it.
  • I should be the professor of (whatever it is I told the band).
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