The Atlas Moth at Epic Deli: This could ‘very well be the death of us’ (Episode 120)

Stavros from Chicago metal band The Atlas Moth joins me for hedonistic, belly-stretching, food-challenge-worthy indulgence at one of Car Con Carne’s favorite places on earth: EPIC DELI.

In this fine episode (brought to you by Boost Mobile), Stavros and I talk about:

  • The evolution of Atlas Moth, from doom metal to its present sound
  • The weird time in history when Atlas Moth got off the ground
  • Stavros’s “love/hate” relationship with social media
  • The Atlas Moth’s music release strategy
  • The Atlas Moth’s place in the music world: “We’ve always gone against the grain.”
  • Stavros’s wrestling fan history (he went to Wrestlemania II and VI!)
  • Hulk Hogan’s real issue isn’t racism, it’s …
  • Why Epic Deli’s food is a good old donkey punch.
  • The classic book “How to Draw the Marvel Way”
  • Round Two of food could “very well be the death of us.”
  • Stavros’s “amuse-bouche” approach to dining at Epic.
  • “Try the JVO; I’m delicious!”
  • “This is going down way too easy…”
  • “It’s like a breakfast that hates you back.”
  • Stavros’s comic book collection
  • “Cheesecake is a way more intense cake.”
  • “I would wear leggings right now.”
  • Stavros’s concern about his browser history, should he not survive the meal.
  • Fruity Pebbles milkshake? “Get the f*** out of here…”
  • My Jesse “The Body” Ventura moment (waaaay back during his AWA days).
  • The people who I hope picked up a methamphetamine habit.
  • Beware of what gets sucked off near the end of the episode!
  • The mysteries of bubble tea.

Tyler Wildey, Epic Deli owner, jumps in throughout the show for conversation… and to feed us some of Epic’s best food creations including:

  • Pickle chips with garlic dill sauce
  • Loaded tots
  • The Atlas Moth sandwich
  • The JVO sandwich
  • The “Rocky Balboa” sandwich (Epic Deli’s spin on a Philly Cheesesteak)
  • One of the weekly specials that has two 1/4 burgers, bacon, maple bacon cream cheese, a fried egg and more… sandwiched between two donuts-turned-into-waffles
  • Milkshakes! Cheesecakes!

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Author: carconcarne