Guest-a-palooza at the Taste of Chicago -or- ‘My life is a week-long burgerfest’ (Episode 71)

Car Con Carne kicked off the live events in the Taste of Chicago’s “Food for Thought” podcast pavilion this year, and a bunch of guests were there to make sure it was a ridiculously fun time.

The first half of the show finds me sitting down with comedian Dave Helem, Rockit Executive Chef Amanda Downing, singer/songwriter Daniel Wade and Nathan Graham, frontman for the Lucky Dutch. After catching up about what everyone’s up to, we talk about essential things like food, music and baseball.

Nathan brought along his guitar so I asked him to play for the crowd. What happened next was a tent-searing acoustic performance of the Lucky Dutch song “Good Honest Man”… you really need to hear this (but please don’t fast forward; the interview stuff before it is awesome)!

After the performance, I’m joined by Yak Channel Podcast Network colleagues and friends Michelle L’amour, Kevin Alves and Amy Guth. Michelle talks about the state of burlesque, her nerves about podcasting and that time she was on “America’s Got Talent.”

Kevin breaks down Chicago’s storefront theater scene and talks about the hilariously brilliant concept show “I Saw You.”

Yak Channel co-founder/media titan Amy Guth talks about the state of her documentary, the state of media and why the Smiths could factor into her future plans.

It was a blast doing this show in front of a live audience, and there truly is something for everyone in this episode. Hope you enjoy listening!


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Author: carconcarne