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Cannabis Con Carne: Guest host Tim Virgin chats with Next Green Wave CMO Ryan Lange (Episode 404)

I learned a lot about the cannabis industry and entrepreneurship from watching Car Con Carne guest host Tim Virgin interview Next Green Wave CMO Ryan Lange tonight. Totally interesting chat and worth a listen! Thanks for hosting, Tim! Car Con…

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101 WKQX DJs Tim Virgin and Jon Manley talk COVID-19 on Quarantine Con Carne (Episode 320)

Catching up with my friends/101 WKQX afternoon and night DJs Tim Virgin and Jon Manley!

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Public restroom talk over steak sandwiches: Ricobene’s with Abe Kanan, Bass and Tim Virgin (Episode 136)

This week, I’m joined by my very funny colleagues Abe Kanan (WLUP-FM, Abe Kanan on Hold), Tim Virgin (WLUP-FM) and Bass (WLS-AM). We ate at Chicago’s famous home of the breaded steak sandwich, Ricobene’s (252 W 26th St, Chicago, IL…