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10 of the most memorable moments (Episode 800)

Watch the full-length video on YouTube and Facebook! Welcome to the 800th episode of Car Con Carne! For this special episode, we’re looking back at 10 memorable moments from the past 799 episodes. They’re not the “ultimate” or “definitive” 10…

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Checking in with Broken Robots on new music and quarantine advice for struggling addicts-in-recovery (Episode 423)

Do you like happy endings? Kat and Tony of Broken Robots were at absolute rock bottom a few years ago. Today, their band continues to garner local attention and Kat and Tony are in a good spot in life. They…

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The path from addiction and jail through recovery and music-making: Broken Robots at Delightful Pastries (Episode 309)

Broken Robots, specifically Kat and Tony, went through hell to get to where they are today.