Confronting racism and extremism with ‘Breaking Hate’ author Christian Picciolini (Episode 364)

Author Christian Picciolini returns to Car Con Carne to talk about his latest book, “Breaking Hate: Confronting the New Culture of Extremism.” Discussed in this episode:

  • Why sheltering-at-home creates a risk for the growth of extremism.
  • “Potholes”: We have to be able to see the child; not the monster.
  • Christian’s early days and indoctrination into extremism: The indoctrination happened at an ironic intersection.
  • The importance of empathy.
  • The harrowing situations Christian has placed himself in, as recounted in “Breaking Hate.”
  • The evolution of racism.
  • ICP (not Insane Clown Posse).
  • What would have happened to Christian, had he stayed in an extremist group?
  • “I think we are all broken.”
  • How we can identify and combat extremism.

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