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BLOG – What can $10 buy at a record store? (Squeezebox – Evanston, IL)

Record collecting isn’t a cheap habit to feed. I’m well aware that I’ve spent a fair amount of money on vinyl over the past few years. That ongoing expense got me thinking: is it possible to walk into a record…

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Chicago Podcast Day recap

Chicago Podcast Day wrapped up a couple hours ago, and I’m elated to say the first-ever event was a success. The idea became a priority for me when I realized nothing like it existed in Chicago. Beyond that, I felt…

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Q101: The firing anniversary and its impending new rollout

Q101 is returning to 101.1. The news comes on the week of my 15 year anniversary of being fired by Q101.

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How did I get to 700 episodes?

I just posted an article to LinkedIn about hitting the “700 episode” milestone. You can click the link to read it there and see all the fun pictures associated with it, or just read the copy below. In summary: Thanks…

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Radio: Can this patient be saved? (BLOG)

11 ways to save radio

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What is radio? (BLOG)

What is radio? Wikipedia says it’s “the technology of signaling and communicating using radio waves,” and that definition was impossible to argue through the early 21st century.  At this point in our digital and entertainment evolution, however, I believe that…

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My picks for the 10 Album Challenge

After seeing endless posts of people nominating friends on social media to take the “10-day album challenge” (post 10 albums that were influential on your life), I decided to post this here and get it over with. Rather than spread…