Impulsive Hearts eat Taco Bell, making them ‘Fit 4 the Apocalypse’ (Episode 937)

Danielle Sines, Adele Nicholas and Rachael Farinella of Impulsive Hearts make a run to the border with me, as we do an interview outside the Taco Bell in Avondale.

As the third full-length, “Fit 4 the Apocalypse,” is about to be released (with a release show at Liar’s Club on 4/4/24), we talked about:
*The band’s evolution across the three albums
*The joys of Taco Bell, and the chain’s commitment and loyalty to Mountain Dew products.
*The occasionally-biting details behind some of the lyrics on the new album.
*The Motown influence on Impulsive Hearts.
*The unlikely story of how Rachael joined the band.

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