Long after Bush, guitarist Nigel Pulsford surprises with ‘Losing Track’ (Episode 934)

Guitarist Nigel Pulsford earned his reputation as a lead guitarist through his years in Bush. He was there through the “hitmaking years” for the band, performing on the first four albums (Sixteen Stone, Razorblade Suitcase, The Science of Things, Golden State).

We talked at length about his recent(ish) solo album, “Losing Track” (streaming everywhere), as well as:

*The Bush years: the whirlwind first album cycle, debuting at #1 with “Razorblade Suitcase” and the shifting cultural tides that met “The Science of Things’ and “Golden State.”
*Playing the first Q101 Jamboree (along with Collective Soul, Sponge, Flaming Lips, Duran Duran, Faith No More, Sheryl Crow, KMFDM and Stone Roses!).
*Chicago memories
*Nigel’s first concert
*Lots of nerdy music stuff!

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