From Juiceboxxx to Rustbelt: John Chiaverina (Episode 925)

I’m joined by John Chiaverina (FKA Juiceboxxx), as his new project, Rustbelt, is taking off. I met the Milwaukee-based star at an appropriately “Wisconsin” locale: A Milwaukee Culver’s parking lot.

Discussed in this episode:

*Why John moved away from his Juiceboxxx past, and whether there were any challenges with introducing a new concept.
*The new EP – You Got Nowhere to Go But You’re Going There Tonight
*We’re all in our John Cougar Mellencamp phase.
*When it comes to Culver’s, John’s a cod guy.
*The underground community in Milwaukee.
*Between Chicago and Milwaukee, who has the better airport?
*Music journalism in the present day: Are we at the start of a new era?
*What is “egg punk?”
*John’s frame of mind in the present day.

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