‘Chair’ comes off the bench for Sister Soleil (Episode 919)

This episode marks the return of Sister Soleil (Stella Katsoudas). Back in the mid-late 90s, Sister Soleil exploded on the Chicago scene, selling out shows (and thousands of copies of the independent release “Drown Me In You”)

A major label run for Stella followed, with two albums released by Universal. Neither captured the spirit, soul (pun unintended) or spark of the independent release.

Now, in 2024, Stella’s finding new life in “Drown Me In You”. Radio stations are playing “Chair” from the indie EP, which is about to be pressed onto vinyl for the very first time. In short, what is old is new again, and Stella’s returning to music, buoyed by her first release.

Stella and I talk about the circumstances around “Chair” and its reemergence, as well as her major label experience (that inner tray card of the ‘Stella Soleil’ CD… yikes).

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