From Journey and Vinnie Vincent Invasion to the art gallery: Robert Fleischman (Episode 901)

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Robert Fleischman’s career has been fascinating. Most famously, he was brought in to be Journey’s lead singer as work started on the “Infinity” album. He was only in the band for five months, before he was replaced by Steve Perry … but he left an indelible mark on the band, co-writing songs like ‘Wheel in the Sky” and “Anytime.”

Robert also was the frontman for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion in the 80s, after Vincent left KISS.

And in the early days, Robert was in talks to join bands like (no kidding) ASIA and Genesis.

These days, Robert is an accomplished artist with regular gallery shows. He’s also readying his first music release in a long time: “Emotional Atlas.”

We cover it all in this episode, fueled by the amazing food of Bistro Monadnock (325 S. Federal). Their menu is fantastic, and the restaurant’s vibe is perfect for after work food and drink, date night or dining out with a group of friends.

Robert and I both went with the Bistro Burger (brioche, steak, butter, dijonnaise, red onion relish, gruyere, vargo bros pickle). It was absolutely perfect.

Author: carconcarne