Filter exposes ‘The Algorithm’ (Episode 875)

Richard Patrick and Jonny Radtke of Filter talked with Car Con Carne before the Tinley Park date of the “Freaks on Parade” tour (Rob Zombie / Alice Cooper / Ministry / Filter).

The conversation happened weeks after the release of the new Filter album, “The Algorithm,” a high water mark for a band with an already-strong catalog and history.

Covered in this episode:
* The tour (“no stinkers in the bunch”)
* Richard’s reconciliation with Trent Reznor, and the subsequent good vibes
* “The Algorithm” – The songs, and the stories behind their creation.
* Sharing personal and political thoughts in song: Does Richard ever think he should be more abstract?
* The unlikely music discovery Richard made that led to cool sounds and moments on “The Algorithm.”
* The perils and legit horrors attached to celebrity.

I really enjoyed and got a lot out of this conversation … hope you enjoy it!

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