Legendary rock vocalist Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Alcatrazz, MSG) – Episode 842

Graham Bonnet’s voice is a singular force in rock and roll. You can hear the power and muscle in his singing through his time in Rainbow, Alcatrazz, MSG and so many more bands. Most recently, he put out the age-defying hard rock monster “Day Out in Nowhere,” an album that checks all the boxes for fans of his work, to say nothing of rock fans in general.

Graham Bonnet Band will be at the Arcada in St. Charles on June 17, and he’ll be bringing his deep catalog with him.

Graham joined me before the tour started to talk about:
*”Day Out In Nowhere”
*The enduring appeal of “Since You’ve Been Gone”
*Aging and rock and roll
*Relationships with former guitarists
*Replacing Ronnie James Dio in Rainbow
*The staying power of Rainbow’s “Down to Earth” album
*The pure rock charisma of Graham Bonnet

Graham is effortlessly charming, with a long history of music that we only scratched the surface of. Hope you enjoy listening to this. See you at the Arcada!

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