How I spent my holiday weekend: Lollygagger and Bizarro & Son outside Liar’s Club (Episode 766)

Chicago band Lollygagger (Matt, Michael & Kinsey) and Chris from family-run kitchen Bizarro & Son joined me the night before Labor Day for a fun (and funny) chat about food and music (the Car Con Carne cornerstones).

We talked about the delicious food Chris makes for Bizarro & Son as we ate “Lollygagger” tortas. Mexican fusion? Yes, please. We also talked about the fantastic new Lollygagger album, “Total Party Kill,” featuring instant classics “Sick Semper,” “My Boss is a Dick” and “Liar’s Club.” About Liar’s Club… we couldn’t resist the tie-in, so we recorded this one right in front of Liar’s Club.

See Lollygagger play as part of Punk the Burbs at Basecamp in Lisle on 9/30. Eat Bizarro & Son’s food at Rock Island Public House in Blue Island!

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Author: carconcarne