Night Spice eats spicy food from Beacon Tap (Episode 735)

Beacon Tap (1374 Lee, Des Plaines) was one of the last restaurants Car Con Carne visited before lockdown (March 2, 2020). Now, just over two years later, I was more than excited to return.

I was joined by the talented Kevin Singleton of the new(ish) synth-based band Night Spice for this visit. We absolutely tore through Beacon Tap’s menu, guided by the charming and hospitable Beacon Tap General Manager, Tommy Riemer.

We talked a lot about Night Spice’s new release, “Welcome to Miami, IL,” which is available for streaming in two versions: Instrumental and band-with-vocals… and they sound like two entirely different projects.

Kevin and I also talked about the evolution and the far-reaching, multi-platform, vision of Night Spice as we ramp up to the band’s performance at Summerfest next month and RIOT FEST in September.

Author: carconcarne