The Stranglers return with ‘Dark Matters’: An interview with J.J. Burnel (Episode 647)

“Committed for insanity and crimes against the soul
The worst crime that I ever did was play some rock ‘n roll.”

The Stranglers have been around for over four decades and have seen and done it all. In the early days, they opened for the first British tours for Patti Smith and Ramones.

Sonically, their music has defiantly skirted definition, though “post punk” is probably a safe way to describe them.

The past year was rough for the band: Keyboardist Dave Greenfield, a guy whose playing was critical to the Stranglers overall vibe, died after contracting COVID while he was receiving treatment for a heart ailment. The band had recorded 8 tracks with Greenfield before his death which helped build the foundation for their 18th album, “Dark Matters.”

Joining me to talk about the storied past of the Stranglers, and the Dark Matters future, is long-running bassist, songwriter and singer Jean-Jacques Burnel!

Author: carconcarne