The Alice Cooper family: Backstage with Calico Cooper and bass monster Chuck Garric of Beasto Blanco (Episode 243)

This week, Car Con Carne goes on location for a backstage interview with the core of Beasto Blanco: Alice Cooper’s daughter Calico and Alice’s phenomenal bass player Chuck Garric. We talk about Beasto Blanco, as well as the mighty Alice Cooper (who was amazing as always at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre). Discussed this week:

  • Is it important for Beasto Blanco to not sound like Alice Cooper?
  • The vocal interplay between Calico and Chuck is one of the things that makes Beasto Blanco great.
  • Beasto Blanco is just like Sonny & Cher.
  • Calico Cooper: Video directing titan.
  • The sexiness of Beasto Blanco’s version of Alice’s “Feed My Frankenstein.”
  • Chuck’s role with Alice Cooper’s band: “He’s one of the greatest guys to work with… it’s always just a joy to be around (him).”
  • Alice’s “Dada” album: Does he even remember recording it?
  • Would Alice Cooper ever do an “album play” tour?
  • What’s the biggest showbiz lesson Calico learned from Alice?
  • One of the greatest comic book adaptations of all time was Marvel Premiere #50.
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