Sunshine Boys eat vegan food under the ‘L’ tracks, talk about ‘Blue Music’ (Episode 196)

Indie rock trio Sunshine Boys (Dag Juhlin, Freda Love Smith, Jackie Schimmel) jumped in the Mazda 3 for vegan food from Veggie Grill on this week’s episode.

Discussed this week:

  • “The vibe is kind of like Chipotle, but the food is all vegan.”
  • The next Sunshine Boys release: Nashville Hot Chik’n?
  • Dag and Freda’s earlier bands (The Slugs/Blake Babies) were in circulation at the same time “back in the day.” Were they aware of one another back then?
  • The fertile creative ground of Monk’s Pub.
  • The brilliantly-named “Sex Ritter”
  • Is it easier or harder to find kindred spirits in music as you move further along in the music world?
  • The Chicago “L” makes a lot of appearances on this episode.
  • The debut album “Blue Music” and the vinyl release show happening at Montrose Saloon (11/24).
  • Is crowdfunding the new model for musicians?
  • Why won’t anyone let Sunshine Boys cook and do a house show for them?
  • Freda’s a freaking Blake Baby.
  • The music of “Blue Music.”
  • Dag is fierce when he throws down his rap battles.
  • Dag’s tacos fell apart at the very beginning of the meal.
  • Sunshine Boys are playing the WGN-TV Morning News on Black Friday.

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