‘Abe doesn’t deserve to eat here’ – Abe Kanan and Dan “Bass” Levy at the phenomenal Chicago Culinary Kitchen (Episode 170)

This is a glorious episode, as returning guests/friends Abe Kanan and Dan “Bass” Levy meet me at Chicago Culinary Kitchen (773 N Quentin Rd, Palatine, IL 60067) to try the restaurant’s Baltimore Pit Beef special. Returning guests/CCK co-owners Greg and Kristina Gaardbo jumped in the car (at alternating times) to talk about their restaurant, food, beer and rock and roll.

In this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, we discuss:

  • Abe’s new creative endeavor: SLOB BLOG (part brilliance/part cry for help), and the celebrated Panda Express “Orange Chicken challenge.”
  • “Can you fit back there?” “No one can fit back there.”
  • Forks are for pussies.
  • The Baltimore pit beef sandwiches are too large for the car, let alone our mouths.
  • The horseradish factor in the pit beef sandwiches: “It hurts so good.”
  • Greg and Kristina’s trip to Mexico: Many bugs were consumed. Flying ants, anyone?
  • The majesty and amazingness of the Chicago Culinary Kitchen’s menu.
  • Abe’s emergency sh*tting situations.
  • “If someone’s in a stall next to me, it’s all fair game.”
  • My phone overheated, which Dan suspects was tied to the horseradish.
  • Why homes should feel like hotels in the summer.
  • Passerby Josh leans into the window as we’re recording, and we feed him bacon. He also has a deep voice, like “Bass.”
  • Dry toilet paper “just doesn’t get the job done.”


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Author: carconcarne