Marina City talks about the WKQX Piqniq and Next2Rock while devouring City BBQ’s menu (Episode 164)

Chicago band-on-the-rise, 101 WKQX Piqniq artist and national Next2Rock finalist, Marina City jumps in the car for a wild, delicious romp through the menu of recently-opened restaurant City Barbeque in Berwyn (7108 W. Cermak Road Ste B2, Berwyn, IL 60402).

Let the record show: The food at City Barbeque is amazing. I’m already planning my next visit. I loved it all, but especially the ribs and collard greens.

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  • City Barbeque’s magnificent “Motherload,” which includes every imaginable smoked protein.
  • I needed to have the chicken removed from my plate out of necessity.
  • Piqniq on June 30: Marina City is on the bill with AWOLNATION, Dashboard Confessional, Greta Van Fleet and more.
  • The feeling of being part of this year’s Piqniq line-up.
  • The Next2Rock competition and Marina City’s “mic-drop” moment.
  • “The things that backseat has seen… “
  • Marina City has seen the previous dearth of napkins in the Mazda 3, and planned accordingly.
  • The crisp, clean smell of moist towelettes.
  • Why our dinner interview could seem like a murder-suicide.
  • The sweet scent of Marina City.
  • Josh Caterer gets more praise for the “Car Con Carne” theme song.
  • More praise for the vinyl format. I’m hooked.
  • Why is the cassette resurgence a thing?
  • The Marina City sound: Pop-smarts and dark edges. “There’s no light; it’s very very dark and depressing.” “It’s a payoff when you arrive at the light.”
  • “I was like, dang, get it.”
  • The collard greens (“we can say we had a vegetable with dinner!”)
  • Why Marina City is like a fluffer.
  • The joy that banana pudding brings.
  • “I’m literally just eating to eat right now.”
  • A dude sprinted past the car like a criminal. Wait… was he a criminal?
  • The interview lasted forever, only because it took so long to eat all the City Barbeque food.
  • New segment: TRASH RUN!
  • “I look distinguished as I’m eating a mountain of banana pudding in the front seat of my car.”
  • The moment when Marina City vocalist Ryan saw my reaction after the band’s Next2Rock performance.



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Author: carconcarne