‘My sausage has gone rogue’ – Johnnie’s Beef with ‘Punk rock doctor’ Daryl Wilson (Episode 132)

This week, “punk rock doctor” Daryl Wilson joins me for a beef and sausage combo from one of the greatest places on earth, Johnnie’s Beef (7500 W North Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707).

Daryl’s most famously known as the frontman for legendary Chicago punk rock band The Bollweevils. By day, he’s the EMS Medical Director at Edward Hospital in Naperville. If you’re listening to this before Thanksgiving 2017, go see Bollweevils with Pegboy on 11/22 at 1st Ward/Chop Shop!

Here’s what we chatted about on this week’s Boost Mobile-sponsored extravaganza:

  • Daryl went hot; I went sweet
  • My first contact with Daryl, and the punk rock ethics that kept us separated in the 1990s
  • My sense of relief that Daryl’s a doctor, as I committed myself to the not-cardiac-friendly beef combo.
  • The time I was flipped off in Wicker Park, just for working in radio
  • Daryl’s med school experience
  • Daryl and I wore kinda-similar outfits to the podcast recording
  • The documentary “Men: The Series,” which features Daryl
  • Daryl’s strange burping issue
  • The temptation of going for a second round of beef/sausage combos: Do we do it? We surely aren’t that irresponsible… right?
  • Daryl’s most fond memories of the 90s
  • Chicago’s punk scene vs. Metro in the 90s
  • The Bollweevils vs. Metro in the 90s (“Were you guys banned from Metro?” “Technically, yes.”)
  • The Fireside Bowl and the horrifying bathrooms there
  • The ongoing influence of Naked Raygun (“they’re the shit”)
  • What would have happened to the Bollweevils had Daryl not gone to med school?
  • Technically, Daryl could kill any of his bandmates and bring them back to life
  • My gratitude to Daryl’s wife for letting him spend the night eating like an asshole with me
  • The topic that causes Daryl to freeze
  • The great Power Man and Iron Fist comic books of days past

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Author: carconcarne