Unboxing a ‘mystery bag of food’ with pro wrestler Jay Bradley (Episode 128)


My new best friend, pro wrestler Jay Bradley (TNA, WWE, OVW, AAW, Resistance Pro, etc.) piledrives his way into the passenger seat for a great night of conversation and food (generously provided by Real Time Sports Bar at 1120 W Devon Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007).

We talked about:

  • The super rare Jay Bradley action figure, and what he’d give to acquire it
  • The Real Time Sports Bar “Mystery Bag” of delicious food, along with the full “unboxing”
  • “My whole life, I’ve waited for someone to give me a sample bucket”
  • The best cuisine? Bar food.
  • Why Jay is the “Jimmy Chamberlin of wrestling”
  • Jay’s self-imposed wrestling sabbatical
  • What brought down Resistance Pro
  • The NWA’s prestigious name and history
  • Billy Corgan’s wrestling vision: He has a 20-year plan!
  • NWA: Live events, free on the web next year!
  • “I didn’t get to be 260 pounds by accident”
  • What made Jay want to become a wrestler?
  • Jay’s early days in the business with CM Punk, training at Steel Domain
  • How Jay got picked up by WWE
  • Why Jay could never do a traditional 9-5
  • Some of Jay’s favorite people to work with in the ring
  • The art of cutting a wrestling promo, and the wisdom Jay got from Dusty Rhodes
  • Jay’s potential role on fetish sites
  • The suburb that’s like Tattooine
  • Why Billy Corgan’s rock experience perfectly translates to wrestling


Find Jay on Twitter at @jaybradleypw


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Author: carconcarne